Created 404 page

Hello everyone,

This web app didn't have a "404" page. So I decided to make a new one. But unfortunately, I am not a good front-end developer.

I got inspire from Picasso; "Good artists borrow, great artists steal." Do not be afraid I didn't steal. I just borrowed the opinion, and I will share the original copy of that source code, don't worry. Before that, let's look at the modified version, by me. You can try it below;

You can see the "404" page, which you can borrow from my Github project. The file called "_error.js" is in the pages folder. Next.js has an error page as a default, and you can overrided by creating a new "_error.js" file in the pages folder. You can find my GitHub repo below;

You can access the original "404" page below;

We will continue to improve this page together and I will share every new improvement with you on this blog.

I hope we'll learn together.

Take care, bye.